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Crash test track

Chassis dynamometer

Gearbox test benches

Bench Impact simulation

Bench thrust on headrest

Instrumented Crash Wall

Dynamic Rollover for Sensor

Bumper pendulum

Test Bench Trains


test rigs - road simulator

Roof Crush Testing

pedestrian test rig and impactors

Static Rollover system

EPRATEC-EPRATECH: A company of design and realisation of test rigs, special machines, production machines and climatic chambers.

New innovative company, that assists you in consultancy and conception, in conceiving and realising of your projects.

For your complete satisfaction ; our « turn key », without flaws, frees you from any hassle and saves you precious time.

Expanded skills and of specific expertise. Diversity training, multiple experience and complementary of our research provide our customers, a guarantee of quality and expertise.

We work in areas such as :

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Climatic Engineering


mur-dynamometrique Banc-d'essai-Bus Impacteurs-bascule-epratech Banc-de-contrôle-train-epratech Banc-pieton-appui-tête Banc-de-sièges-et-appui-tête-epratech Moyen-de-contrôle Chariot-avec-mur-de-crash Cuve-aeronautique-avec-ultrasons Banc-pieton-appui-tête

Special machine

Seat Belt anchorage test system

We have real expertise in mechanical design Some examples:

Who we are

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